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BenQ Home Projector W1050

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BenQ Home Projector W1050

Issue Time:2018-03-26
For building a home theater, an excellent home projector is a must. Today, I would recommend a home projector to set up a good projector - BenQ home projector W1050.

It is understood that BenQ home projector W1050 equipped with color tuning technology, the combination of aesthetic and natural, faithful presentation of Hollywood film color, so that moving from the eyes to the soul. At the same time, there are 6-segment color wheel, making the color transition more natural and smooth, the color show more powerful, and see thousands of colors in nature. And BenQ Home 1080P projector W1050 meets the Rec.709 color standard, achieving more than 96% coverage.

At the same time, BenQ home projector W1050 is also equipped with 1920X1080 full HD resolution, clear and sharp, every frame is HD wallpaper. Also used DLP technology, with 2200 lumens of high brightness and 15000:1 high contrast, no longer afraid of the ambient light, dark details can also be plucked, the screen more transparent.

In addition, the BenQ home projector W1050 can project a 100-inch large screen at a distance of 2.8 meters. It can quickly build a living room light theater without a dedicated audio/video room. Not only that, as a product for home users to bring a big screen experience, but also built-in visual installation interface, whether it is hoisting or front projection, quickly help you find the right installation location. At the same time, the screen adjustment is also very convenient, BenQ W1050 has a 1.2x zoom lens, support trapezoidal school, there are three adjustable feet under the fuselage, 1 minute to provide users with a good picture.

Finally, the BenQ Home Projector W1050 also incorporates SmartEco technology, which is more environmentally friendly and energy saving. The top light door is designed to facilitate the replacement of light bulbs.